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In this gallery are printed pieces in the form of canvas prints that have been in show displays recently, or soon will be in upcoming shows.  They are printed on canvas media wrapped around a rigid frame, with hangars, ready for display and ready for purchase.  Each view is summarized with a short text description and most are12 by 18 three dimensional prints, unless stated otherwise in the caption.  If you have questions or would like to buy a print, you may call me at (608) 576-0201 or leave a message at (608) 310-4548.  Another means to contact me is at Skot@Weidemannphoto.com.  I appreciate your looking at my work and please go to my "Upcoming shows" to see where you can see my pieces next in person.
4784 Pine Island Cranes 9625 _MG_8694.jpg
Aerial frm Belleville 4757 0715 _MG_8649.jpg
Bales in snow SW Reedsburg WI 4757 0234 _MG_8712.jpg
Baraboo Bluffs Hwy 12 4757 0751 _MG_8660.jpg
Barn Hoope Rd 4744 1528 _MG_8608.jpg
Barn in Field Whitelaw WI 4757 7703 _MG_8718.jpg
Barn Leeds 4757 7954 _MG_8612.jpg
Barn Silo Door Co Old Lime Kiln Rd_MG_8701.jpg
Barn w Silos E Riley 4757 9567 _MG_8662.jpg
Barn White City WI 4757 7351 _MG_8715.jpg
Barn windmill Blue River WI 4744 1166 _MG_8733.jpg
Barns Sauk City 4757 8316 _MG_8690.jpg
Bayfield Masts 4744 9933 _MG_8621.jpg
Big Pond Baraboo 4757 9791 _MG_8655.jpg
Cabbage Field Almond 4744 2153 _MG_8618.jpg
Corn Hay Hwy Y Dodgeville 4744 1263 _MG_8636.jpg
Cornfield Ridgeway 4744 1630 _MG_8619.jpg
Field nr Brigham WI 4757 0662 6961 _MG_8721.jpg
Field nr WI Rvr Lone Rock 4744 1593_MG_8601.jpg
Fields Barneveld 4744 1650_MG_8629.jpg
Fields N Freedom WI 4757 7582 .jpg
Fields nr Lime Ridge Wi 4757 7596_MG_8705.jpg
Fields nr Mount Vernon 4744 1959_MG_8632.jpg
Fields nr Prairie Rd Ridgeway 4757 9655 _MG_8668.jpg
Fields WI 4744 8943 _MG_8611.jpg
Harvesting nr Mid Town Rd Verona 4757 0059 _MG_8698.jpg
Harvesting nr Mid Town Rd Verona 4757 0059 _MG_8666.jpg
Hay Corn Fields nr Riley 4716 388712 _MG_8723.jpg
Hook Lake Bog Barn n Windmill 4744 8456_MG_8596.jpg
Hyde Mill 4744 1212_MG_8730.jpg
Ice Fishing Devils Lk 4757 4893 _MG_8638.jpg
Jefferson WI Marsh 4744 1514_MG_8624.jpg
Marsh Reeseville 4744 1772 _MG_8607.jpg
Otter Island Mazo 4778 7679_MG_8738.jpg
Rock Rvr overflow Ixoonia 4757 9530 _MG_8664.jpg
Sandbar nr Long isle Helend 4757 7627 _MG_8657.jpg
Sawmill Blanchardville WI 4757 0180 _MG_8699.jpg
Snow n Cornfield Rows Neptune n Sandusky WI 4757 0662 0321_MG_8709.jpg
Sod Farm nr Turtle Lk _MG_8644.jpg
Spring Valley Rd Forward 4757 9608 _MG_8653.jpg
Sugar River Montrose 4744 1948_MG_8616.jpg
Tenney Park Locks 4778 5941_3_MG_8736.jpg
Tree Line SW Mineral Pt WI 4757 5271_MG_8728.jpg
Tree nr Plainfield 4744 2159_MG_8735.jpg
Tree w Corn Mt Horeb 4744 9851 _MG_8633.jpg
Tree w shadow sod farm_MG_8704.jpg
Trees nr Mt Morris WI 4744 2104_MG_8602.jpg
Trees nr Ogdensburg 4744 2123 MG_8605.jpg
Trees nr Reedsburg 4744 2253_MG_8598.jpg
Weid 4778 Honey Crk Twn Troy 1051 _MG_8675.jpg
Weid 4778 Walenec Rd Highland IMG 0282 _MG_8681.jpg
Weid J2223 Monona Terrace 1997 Img 9889 DScan _MG_8641.jpg
Weidd 4778 Hayfield Cazenoviaa Img 0620_MG_8680.jpg
Wind Turbines Springfield WI 4744 1822 _MG_8691.jpg
Windmill Oregon 4757 Img 5596_MG_8731.jpg
Weidemann 4792 Geese Westport IMG_3055 008 FG Basic A 16x16 copy.jpg
Wisconsin River Sand nr Arena WI 4778 5854_MG_8737.jpg
Weidemann 4792 Barn n Windmill Cross Plns _MG_9180 A Basic Correction 12x18 copy.jpg
Weidemann 4784 Staggerwing Palmyra _MG_6807 So Soft 12x18 copy.jpg
Weidemann 4784 Schleicher ASW-27 Glider KDLL IMG_0468 2 6961 copy.jpg
Weidemann 4784 Prairie du Sac Sunset IMG_7009 Blue Sky II Crop 12x18 copy.jpg
Weidemann 4784 Marsh Creek Mazo IMG_9944 MOD Alsace12x18 copy.jpg
Weidemann 4784 Fields Ridgeway IMG_1298 Alsace 12x18 copy.jpg
Weidemann 4784 Fields nr Jordan Creek IMG_6161 MOD 12x18 Perfect Portrait12x18 copy.jpg
Weid 4716 Barn Rankin IL_MG_4444 Dmtk HDR TPZ SRGB copy 12x18.jpg
Weidemann 4778 Barn n Windmill Montello_MG_6409 Perfect Prtrt SRGB copy 12x16.jpg
Weidemann 4784 Dec 14 21 IMG_2055 A Basic Correction SRGB copy 12x18.jpg
Weidemann 4784 Farm Evansville IMG_5484 Color n Cntrst Bst III Desat SRGB copy 12x18.jpg
Weidemann 4784 RR Bridge n sandbar Spg Grn IMG_9925 SRGB copy 12x18.jpg
Weidemann 4784 Tenney Sunset Feb 2022 IMG_4429 A Basic Correction SRGB copy 12x18.jpg
Weidemann 4784 Willow Crk Ithaca IMG_5270 Perfect Portrait SRGB copy 12x18.jpg
Weidemann 4792 Tree in Field Vermont IMG_3485 A Basic Correction SRGB copy 12x18.jpg
Weidemann 4757 Calamine Pecatonica Rvr Trees_MG_5083 SRGB 12x16 copy.jpg
Weidemann 4778 Sugar Ridge WS62 _MG_1996 Color n Contrast Boost II PRT SRGB Crop 12x18 copy.jpg
Weidemann 4784 Birds WI Rvr Arena IMG_8192 Crop 12x18 copy.jpg
Weidemann 4784 Fish Lake Sauk City IMG_0811 Curves 16x16 copy.jpg
Weidemann 4784 Geese at Moreys IMG_4791 Barn 16x16 copy.jpg
Weidemann 4784 Water Trees WI Rvr Lewiston IMG_2260 16x16 copy.jpg
Weidemann 4792 Farm Buena Vista Bales _MG_0639 Alsace SRGB 9x12 copy.jpg
Weidemann 4792 Merlin Iceboat IMG_4265 Abstract 1 SRBG 12x12 copy.jpg
Weidemann 4792 Trees n Country Rd Jan 22_MG_9993 Barn Mod w Name 12by16 copy.jpg
Weidemann 4792 Trees n shadows Arena_MG_0342 16x16 copy.jpg
Weidemann 4792 W Co Rd B Magnolia IMG_3785 alsace ColorMOD 9X12 copy.jpg
Weidemann 4792 Weary Rd w sign n truck IMG_2764 City Flare crop SRBG 12x16 copy.jpg
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