Skot's background in photographing Architecture

Skot has been photographing buildings inside and out since the '70's.  With a life long interest in art and design as well as being interested in the mechanics & the physics of machinery, he has combined his experience and talents to produce well composed and technically complete photography.  For many years Skot's primary tool for architectural (and product) photography was top of the line modular Sinar large format camera system with many lenses.  This system made it possible to select almost any view angle to attain wide shots up to selective tight shots, depending on what was needed.   This system was the best for the time and with careful and experienced use it made it possible to produce classic large and medium format film images that the most discerning clients wanted.  Skot increased his capabilities in 2002 by immersing himself in digital photography and learning the awesome convenience and increased productivity of the smaller digital format.  Consistent with his obsession with flexibility and quality, he has equipped himself with  digital cameras and the specialized lenses needed to give the most creative options for any architectural interior or exterior view.   Lighting techniques for both film and digital were very similar, with location lighting consisting of a combination of ambient and supplemental lighting in either strobe or tungsten.  For the last few years, Skot's technique has consisted of almost exclusively HDR routines to produce exciting and crisp photographs with broad dynamic range, taking advantage of the latest photo methods and evolving software.   Skot strives to produce photographs that look inviting and engaging without making them look like they were artificially lit.  His goal is to produce photos that tell what an environment is like with the viewer wanting to be there.

Skot is a member of The American Society of Media Photographers which consists or working professionals all around the country networking to share information and uphold the highest standards of technical and business ethics.

Skot's artistic and design background in well composed and controlled large format architectural photography has translated well into contemporary photography solutions.