Luscombe 8A

All metal late model 1948, built in Dallas, Texas, started life as a 8A Skypal

Single strut metal wings with 12.5 gallon wing tanks
Wingtip & tail flashing LED Lights
Wingtip Strobe Lights
Squared vertical fin & rudder

Silflex cantilever landing
gear (latest version of landing gear puts wheels 2 inches farther forward than older style gear)

Rear quarter windows

Hat shelf with metal lined baggage compartment

Retractable BAS handle left side

Alaska Bushwheel 3200 with 8 inch pneumatic tail wheel

Bas retractable shoulder harnesses, (not installed yet)

Continental C90-8 engine (hand start no electric start), Engine installation done by A&P, AI, with all approved paperwork done at the MPLS FSDO.  Engine Major overhauled in 2013 by Dons Dream Machines, with new ECI cylinders, everything rebuilt including Marvel M3 mixture carburetor & new Slick magnetos & wiring harness. Presently it has about 500 hours SMOH.
Tanis electric pre-heater system installed (heating element on each cylinder and oil tank)

Propeller is McCauley aluminum Model 1B90/CM-7152 Serial #51398

Split cowl modification to allow removal of cowl without removing propeller.

Hanlon & Wilson dual muffler stainless exhaust system (recently rebuilt Dawley muffler left side)

Electric system installed is Basic Aircraft Products BPE-14 wind driven alternator, Concorde battery (behind baggage compartment), wiring harness & custom electrical panel in left glove box containing switches, auxiliary power plug, circuit breakers, ammeter, XCOM VHF comm radio with built in intercom, Becker transponder with Mode C, dual headphone jacks & included Telex ANR Stratus 50D headset. This installation was conceived by a collaborative effort between myself and Doug Combs, with the build being done by Doug Combs, famous Luscombe expert.
RAM Bracket set with arm & large X clamp for IPad

Seats were built up by Doug Combs (world famous Luscombe expert), using metal seat pans & seat back, a combination of foam & temper foam, neutral gray leather, vinyl & snap fasteners.

Wheels are original Goodyear wheels with stainless steel floating rotors,  mechanical cable operated brakes with spun aluminum hub covers.

Airframe has less than 3000 hours, no corrosion, complete folder of maintenance records, modification records and log books. Empty weight is 866 lbs, gross weight is 1260 lbs (yes, it is Light Sport qualified)

Both doors have swing out opening windows with pop out round vents, gas strut assist open
*To see videos of this plane flying, do a YouTube search for "Skypal", where you will see three videos taken by my flight instructor while I do wheel landings & crosswind takeoffs at Brodhead Airport, WI (C37)
Last annual May 2018

If you would like to know more about this aircraft, my contact information is:

Skot Weidemann
1123 Sherman Avenue
Madison, WI. 53703
(608) 576-0201
EAA 25948, EAA Chapter 93